Pre-Order Checklist

Please read this easy guide to measuring up and preparing for delivery:

Access checks are available: We know sometimes that it can be difficult to measure correctly, so if you would prefer one of our experts to assess your property access in advance, just let us know and we can provide you with a quotation for this additional service.

If you feel confident doing your own measurements, please read our guide below;

To be 100% sure that your goods are suitable for your room of choice, please check your room measurements first, then you can work out how much space you will have for your Gordon Russell product.

• Consider proportion – Map out an outline of the product you’re planning to buy using tape. Please remember to leave plenty of room to comfortably walk around your space.

• For dining tables and chairs, make sure there is approximately 60cm minimum between the rear of your dining chair and the wall to allow the chairs to move in and out easily.

• Think about the seat height of dining chairs or barstools in relation to the table surface you’re pairing them with, measure the space between the floor and the table top to ensure they will fit easily underneath and that there is adequate knee space.

• Check product dimensions for delivery access.

• Once you know your room dimensions, carefully consider the size and shape of the furniture you wish to purchase so you can be satisfied that the goods can be easily delivered into your home.

• To find the product dimensions, look at the product specification guide.

• Pre-delivery considerations: Before confirming your delivery address, please consider the intended location for the item(s) and delivery route into the property to ensure that our team have easy access and your delivery goes without a hitch.

For a smooth delivery, please check:

• Is your property on a red route? – This mainly applies to areas in London where red routes are strictly controlled to maintain a steady flow of traffic. If yes, reduce delays and local authority fines* by contacting your local authority in advance. Once you have placed your order, contact our Customer Service Team to find out the type of delivery vehicle we’ll use and the anticipated delivery slot, then apply for a Parking Dispensation using the Transport London website to confirm if the red route requires this. 

*Failure to approve dispensation access on the day of delivery may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued to our delivery driver of which you will be liable to pay.

• Parking difficulties – Inform us in advance to avoid any delays.

• Map and location – Rural locations and new build properties are often difficult to find using SatNav and GPS systems. If you anticipate that we will have difficulty locating your property, please provide us with a map and clear directions in advance.

• Ensure postcodes are correct – In instances where the delivery address is a business location, be sure to inform us of the correct loading entrance access point to deliver to – this is particularly important in instances where the building(s) span over two postcodes.

• Site contact – Provide us with any additional access information, particularly in addresses where secure access is required. If your property has a delivery gatehouse or concierge, please make them aware that you are expecting a delivery and provide us with contact information in advance to prevent any access hurdles.

• Delivery restrictions – For example will delivery require specific access instructions or be difficult during peak times? It’s important that loading and access restrictions are taken into consideration before agreeing your delivery slot as these factors can affect the success of your delivery. Other considerations include cul-de-sacs, one way systems, lifts and parking fees (of which you would be liable).
The more information we know in advance, the less likelihood of any delivery interruptions on the day.